Skylab (2021) is a Telugu period film and a comedy. In 1979, a young would-be reporter covers the mayhem caused by the expected crash of the first space station of the USA on their less known village in Telangana. The plot was intriguing and is new to Indian cinema, with no duets, fights or love sequences, rather dull with no twists or turns. It is a feel-good film and is available on Sony Liv and gets a Raw rating.

Nithya Menen has produced and has acted as the protagonist, she has done the role well. Satyadev Kancharana comes as aspiring but bad luck ridden young doctor. Rahul Ramakrishna plays the role of a young man in a village with no scope for growth. The film by Vishvak Khanderao has followed the Indian village life, the residents’ aspirations, fears, pains have been captured well.

There are a few nice touches in the film: Like just before the climax, when everyone is bracing for the imminent crash, the labourers of the zamindar’s house who have been dominated by the wealthier, have a merry day inside the house and enjoy the pleasures the place has to offer.

If you want to watch a different film check this one out.

Nithya Menen - Skylab (2021)

Nithya Menen – Skylab (2021)

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