Like all the events around the world, this year’s TIE CON 2020 global organized by TIE Silicon Valley has become virtual. For me, it was a blessing, as I could attend the event for free (as a TiE Chennai member) and not spend the thousands of dollars travelling to the USA and also the entry ticket fee. Before the main event, they are organizing a series of roadshow events. Today there was a keynote by Mr Vinod Khosla (Founder of Khosla ventures and Sun Microsystems), followed by a talk by Mr Deepak Chopra, the celebrated Indian-American Author of countless self-improvement and well-being books, a guru figure for many around the world.

Below are from the notes (in random order) I took during the talk:

  • Humans have to choose the way of extinction or emergence.
  • There is a Pandemic of COVID, Stress and Economic suffering (the later is worser than the former). Instead, let us bring a Pandemic of Joy.
  • You need to have diversity of Microbiome in your gut.

If one is brought up in the industrial world, 30% of the biome disappears because the microbiome is distressed. To achieve the maximum biomes in our body, remove excessive use of inflammatory products. A healthy diet improves the microbiomes in the body, which includes eating farm-fresh products. In the Amazon forest, the tribal people have 20 million extra genes, the maximum diversity for a healthy body.

  • Organizations have to have teams of shared vision, with complimentary skills and diversity. Organizations can do emergence.
  • Body Health and Mental Health is the same Health, there is only one.
  • Information and Energy are one; Mass and Energy are one; Space and Time are one.
  • Hope is a sign of despair, we need a sense of reality.
  • Once this pandemic ends, we will revert to more than better than normal. The outside air is now cleaner than the indoors, how do we get the indoors to be particulate free?We are working on a technology to be free of particulate matter.
  • Inter-dependent evolution. Every experience is an entanglement with other experiences.
  • When hiring we are trying to do a soul profile rather than a Bio-Profile (Resume). Check my book: The Soul of Leadership: Unlocking Your Potential for Greatness.
  • When we are living for a higher purpose, you are not stressed. When you feel stressed you are thinking of only yourself.
[Disclaimer: The notes above are not meant to be comprehensive or accurate, and if there are any mistakes they are due to my notes taking.]

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