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The Art and Engineering of Blogging

As readers of this blog know I have been blogging from 2004, with over 2900 posts in these 16 years. One of my regular readers is Dr Shriram Raghunathan who is the HoD, Gaming Department of VIT Institute, Bhopal. He invited me to deliver a session to his Engineering students doing their Bachelor and Masters degree courses. And that’s how I created this session, probably the first time I am delivering on this topic. I enjoyed sharing my experience with the students on blogging and was impressed with their curious questions.


  • Why should you blog?
  • Where to blog?
  • What to blog?
  • What not to blog?
  • Tools to use

Why should you blog?

  • You own the content unlike in Social (Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram)
  • Establishes (Positive) Digital Footprint in Search
  • Your visiting card online – Portfolio – A Portal
  • Improves written language communication
  • Develops Social(?) skills
  • Creative Outlet
  • Destressing

What to blog?

  • Be original
  • Be consistent
  • Be creative
  • I blog on Movies, Books, Travel, Events, Tamil and more
Presentation by Venkatarangan - The Art and Engineering of Blogging
Presentation by Venkatarangan – The Art and Engineering of Blogging

You can download the presentation (PDF).

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