Last month I had been to Indore, Madhya Pradesh on a food tour. While there, everyday for breakfast, I was treated to varieties of Indori Poha, which I fell in love. Poha is flattened rice (அவல் in Tamil) cooked along with an assortment of spices, topped with nuts and served with sev. In the evenings, I had tried Sabudana vada (ஜவ்வரிசி in Tamil) which is a fried snack made with Tapioca Sago.

Food items in Indore was divinely, but the taste of these two dishes kept lingering in my tongue. Returning home, I had looked for Poha and Sabudana Vada in Chennai and found a restaurant called “Nutty Chefs” in R.A.Puram, Chennai that was selling these. Today I ordered a portion of Poha and Sabudana Vada through Swiggy for Rs.110 each and it was delivered in excellent quality, reusable boxes. The food was yummy, and I liked it.

Needless to say, the authentic poha you get from the oldman in Chappan Dukan, Indore was the best – but everyday I can’t be traveling the 1500 Kms for a plate!

Food from Nutty Chefs

Food from Nutty Chefs

Nutty Chefs, R A Puram, Chennai – (from top right in clockwise) Nutty Indori poha, Sabudana Hearts & Nutty Broken Bread Brunch)

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