Reading the description that talked about Quantum Physics and the opening scene mentioning the same, I wrongly assumed the German film Mein Ende Dein Anfang (My End is Your Beginning) to be a science-fiction, it was not. It was a drama, covering the familiar story of love, followed by a tragic loss and then fate playing its cruel game on you.  The film was exhibited online for free at the Goethe-Institut on-demand service and gets a mangoidiots rating of ‘Raw’.

Nora (Saskia Rosendahl)  and Aron (Julius Feldmeier) are madly in love and on a fateful day they get caught up inside a bank during an armed robbery attempt. That changes Nora’s life forever. Later, Nora meets Natan (Edin Hasanovic), a father to a critically ill little girl. How the lives of the two get intertwined forms the remainder of the story.

The three lead actors have done their roles well, especially Saskia Rosendahl who displays the mixed feelings of the character nicely. Initially, the film sets the audience expectation of being different to the turning out to be a familiar story and with a predictable climax. It is a regular love-loss drama told by mixing the present with flashbacks and flashforwards, forcing suspense on an ordinary narrative. I would’ve enjoyed the film more had it carried a clearer description.

My End is Your Beginning (2019)

My End is Your Beginning (2019)

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