I enjoy watching films by Director Radha Mohan, especially his lesser known films like Abhiyum Naanum, Uppu Karuvaadu, and Brindavanam. I find his films to have a strong screenplay and great casting.

Even then, I didn’t have great hopes for his latest film, Kaatrin Mozhi (2018) starring Jyothika, for two reasons – the story of a housewife suddenly turning into a successful RJ sounded unrealistic and I was unable to picturise (now) overacting Jyothika in a role done by the brilliant Vidya Balan in the Hindu original (Tumhari Sulu). Surprisingly the film turned out to be a pleasant one. 

The events leading to the caring and happy housewife (played by Jyothika) to look for a purpose in her life outside her home, though a bit cliche, comes out convincing and can be seen in many households across India. Similar was the sequence of happenings, leading her to get the RJ job without any prior qualifications. The unrealistic part was on how well, I should say professionally, she handles the emotional problems of the callers to her late-night show. It was compensated with the way her husband’s insecurity and conservativeness was shown – he loves her a lot, which prevents him from stopping her directly, yet he arranges her father and sisters to persuade her to quit her job.  I was expecting a lot of drama leading to the climax, I was glad there was only a limited version. 

Vidharth as Jyothika’s husband and Lakshmi Manchu as the radio station’s head have played their roles well. 

Update: Available on Amazon India Prime Video.

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