Brindavanam (2017) is from Director Radha Mohan, who is known to give realistic cinema like Mozhi (2007) & Abhiyum Naanum (2008). Starring ArulnithiTanya Ravichandran & Vivek it is an insouciant film. Nothing bad happens in the story, there are no villains and no fights. Arulnithi works in a local (Ooty) beauty saloon, he is a self-made man, unfortunately, he is deaf-and-dumb and an orphan.  His childhood friend and the daughter of a local businessman is Tanya Ravichandran, who is in love with Arulnithi. Arulnithi is a fan of Actor Vivek, they meet when Vivek‘s car gets stuck in the mud and they become friends. Arulnithi assists Vivek and in turn, Vivek helps Arulnithi to get over a trauma from his childhood.

Full marks to Arulnithi for his performance, the scene where he gets angry and mimes in rage is a good piece of acting. If he keeps at this, he is sure to become a fine actor that Kollywood will remember for a long. Tanya has done her role as next-door girl well. It is Vivek who appears in the film as himself who steals the show, it feels like a comeback performance for him – along with Cell Murugan he brings out genuine laughter in many places. Dialogues by Pon. Parthiban comes out apt in most places, I thoroughly enjoyed them.

Overall, Brindavanam is a cosy rose garden that can be enjoyed, but it is not Mysore Brindavan Gardens.

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