Director Radha Mohan has given Kollywood some of the wonderful films I loved watching including Mozhi, Abhiyum Naanum. His latest movie is Uppu Karuvaadu (உப்பு கருவாடு) which is about an aspiring Director Chandran (played by Karunakaran) and his 3rd attempt at making a film that successfully comes out. Financed by a local fisherman leader Aiya (played by M.S.Bhaskar) the film by Chandran is named Samudhrakanni, it features Aiya’s daughter Mahalakshmi (Nandita) as the heroine. Mahalakshmi is a disaster in acting, Chandran gets his girlfriend Uma (played by Saravanan Meenatchi fame Rachitha Mahalakshmi) to help Maha in acting. 

Uppu Karuvaadu (உப்பு கருவாடு) - Karunakaran & Rachitha Mahalakshmi

Uppu Karuvaadu (உப்பு கருவாடு) – Karunakaran & Rachitha Mahalakshmi

The story does go on expected lines but is still enjoyable thanks to some good acting by Karunakaran, Rachitha and Chaams (who comes as Chandran’s friend and associate). Doubt Senthil has got a big break in this film in the role of assistant director Stephen Raj, whose mispronounced English irritates at times, and also makes you laugh in a few instances. The scene where Dindigul Saravanan as a Saamiyar tries to impress Chandran with his acting skills was fun. Elango Kumaravel as Manja (Aiya’s right-hand hitman) keeps the film team grounded in reality by sharing his own love story and his character is responsible for the twist in the climax.

Chandran speaks on the pains of those involved in filmmaking for their livelihood to a cast leader, who tries his hand to stop the film which hasn’t even begun shooting. Though the dialogue was long and felt force-fitted for this story, it was well written, expressing sharply the hurdles every Tamil film have to now cross.

Uppu Karuvaadu (உப்பு கருவாடு) - Nandita & Karunakaran

Uppu Karuvaadu (உப்பு கருவாடு) – Nandita & Karunakaran

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