After watching Pa.Ranjith‘s later works of Madras (2014) and Kabali (2016) I got to watch his first film Attakathi (2012), a film I had missed when it got released. Apart from the Director the other reason for me to watch Attakathi after 4 years of its release is Dinesh, an actor I like and have watched most of his other films – Oru Naal Koothu (2016), Visaranai (2016), Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum (2015), Thirudan Police (2014) and Cuckoo (2014).  While you can notice similarity in the acting style of Dinesh which remains same in many of his films of romantic genre, two films stand out for his exceptional acting – Visaranai being the first and Cuckoo where he plays the role of a visually challenged which clearly shows the hard work he had put in.

Attakathi is a film that tries to show realistically with little exaggeration of an infatuation that happens in youth. It’s about how Atta (Dinesh) a student who is poor in his studies falls in love for a girl he meets in a bus stop Poornima (Nandita). While Poornima never reciprocates his feelings towards her, their path keeps crossing on to their college level. While in college Atta travels through a particular bus route everyday, as he comes to his final year he becomes the leader for the bus; even in this sequence you can see Ranjith’s talent where he shows the details of happenings around the main story.

As Poornima, Nandita Swetha has delivered a good performance, this film was her first in Tamil and she has now done many other films including Mundaasupatti, Uppu Karuvaadu, Puli and more.


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