After a long time myself and wife went for a movie, it was for Attakathi Dinesh starring Oru Naal Koothu (2016). The story line interested us to see the film together, it was of the struggles different couples go through for their wedding. It could be a love marriage, an arranged marriage or a marriage that never happens. The film is a good attempt by Director Nelson Venkatesan who is supported well in the background score and songs by Music Director Justin Prabhakran of Pannaiyarum Padminiyum fame. Adiyae Azhage is a wonderful melody, that you keep humming even after coming out the theatre.

The movie is centered around three female characters (no it’s Iraivi 2016 clone) played by Mia George who comes in as Lakshmi a daughter of a conservative father in a small town sporting a look we haven’t seen her before, a well educated girl from an affluent family who is a software engineer Kavya played by lovely Nivetha Pethuraj who is making her debut in the film and by Riythvika who we saw earlier in Madras (2014) and Azhagu Kutti Chellam (2016) coming as Susheela a FM Radio RJ. Marriage for each of them turns to be a struggle, for Lakshmi it’s her father who keeps searching for years the ideal fit which never comes, for Kavya it’s a lover who is afraid of making the commitment to marriage and a father who wants to give her the best, for Susheela it’s a fiancée who is fickle minded. On paper this would’ve sounded as an interesting mix, but the screenplay kept progressing unnecessarily slow especially the second half robbing it of any punch. Because of this, the excellent acting by Mia George and Nivetha Pethuraj, have gone largely under appreciated. For Attakathi Dinesh this should’ve felt like a much lighter movie after Visaranai (2016), he has played his role well but he could benefit by bringing him some freshness into his body language and dialogue delivery. Ramesh Thilak has limited role but has done it well.

Director Nelson should be appreciated for constructing individual scenes with an eye for perfection. Overall, a film that you can watch because it’s one of the best attempts in Kollywood to capture true colours of what goes into a wedding.


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