Today on HBO I saw a good comedy movie Vice Versa. A simple storyline of how a father and son get switched between their bodies through magic. It was hilarious to see an 8-year-old brain for a 30+ Year successful manager and vice-versa. When I searched the Internet I was surprised to find the movie was 20 years old taken in 1988, and around the same time, about 5 other movies and TV Serials had come with similar storylines.

While watching the movie, the boy actor was very familiar. When I searched on the Internet, I learned his name was “Fred Savage”. Going through his movies/serials I recollected having seen him in his very popular serial of 1980-the 90s – Wonder Years and enjoying it a lot in my high-school days. I should have seen the entire serial, the serial had the boy speak out his feelings to the audience in an adult voice. Every boy of adolescent age could relate to this serial, an all-time classic. I also learned the boy seen above has now grown up (obviously of course), is married and has a kid!

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