Earlier this year (February 2012) my sister wanted to upgrade from her simple Nokia phone to something better that gives her basic email and facebook. She was particular she wanted a keypad and preferably with big keys. A big NO for touch which ruled out Android or iPhone. Being a long time Nokia user I supposed she will be comfortable with the (then) new Asha series.  I got her a Nokia Asha 300 (Review by GSMArena) phone for Rs.6731 from Saravana Stores, Usman Road, Chennai. 

This sported the familiar Nokia Symbian OS with familiar menus, buttons and a touch screen display – which made it kind of an hybrid phone. It had many of the popular apps including Facebook, email, Angry birds and a fine camera for recording pictures and video.

My sis’ loved the phone the first few months, the battery life was great, Camera and Audio recording was great.  Then the phone started giving trouble. Touch became non-responsive and we had to give it to Nokia service twice and they charged both the times complaining that user had dropped it or water damaged – both of which my sister denies. May be we were the Ginny-pigs for a bridge phone by Nokia.

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