Being Holiday went to Chennai City Centre mall for spending some time around. There I noticed a shop in second floor corridor called “Tee Kadai” (Tea Shop) run by Dude Thamizha. They were selling T-Shirts with messages in Tamil/Tanglish script which were funny or from Tamil movie comedy scenes. It got my attention at once.

Tee Kadai” (Tea Shop) run by Dude Thamizha

I purchased two T-Shirts. You can see wearing me one of it below saying “Recycling my Mom’s Way” (depicting old News Papers getting into Utensils, a common way to save money in India):

Wearing Dude Tamizha T-Shirt saying Recycling my Mom's way

I was told they print each of their designs for only one run, so you like something you need to buy it at once. A fun way to show your individuality and I feel they should be encouraged. Good Luck!

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