After Singam2 I watched Maryan (மரியான்) on the same day as release which is today, thanks again to the same movie buff friend. Yes, I know you too wish you had a friend like that!

Maryan is about a fisherman in a Tamil Nadu coastal village who falls in love with a local girl, goes to work abroad for two years so that he can pay her family’s debt. Stop. Yes, you are right this story is as old as film rolls, but the Director for reasons known to him went with it. The story goes along slowly especially the second half (after the kidnapping), A R Rahman music which normally is an asset to a Movie (especially with two lovely melodies in this movie) adds to this feeling of stillness. It does pick some speed after Dhanush gets kidnapped by Sudanese terrorists & struggles just to stay alive.

Maryan is starred by Dhanush and Parvathi Menon, Directed by Bharat Bala (who directed the A R Rahman Indie Album Vande Mataram). The film is all about Dhanush, he has moved to a whole new level of acting in this one. In the scene where he is stuck in a desert after running for days & starving, he encounters big cats, at that moment the fear in his eyes was awesome, I can still recollect the visual. The underwater scenes though are computer enhanced looks great on silver screen, great work by Dhanush.

What space is left free by Dhanush on screen is occupied by Parvathi Menon, the camera shows this girl beautifully and she suits her character aptly. Her big black eyes mesmerizes the viewer. The Sudanese terrorist keep killing their captives mercilessly but instead of fearing them they are appearing comically on screen.

Dialogues were very apt, bringing out the local flavour and it was evident it was penned by a expert on fishermen life, in this case it was by famous Tamil writer Joe D’Cruz.

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