Most often, when doing electronic fund transfers (IMPS, UPI, NEFT or RTGS) we get the account numbers or the IFSC code in India wrong when consecutive zeroes come or we mix Zeroes and Letter O (the one that comes after N and before P). In the below example, in their passbook, one of India’s Public Sector Banks “Bank of Baroda”, have called out explicitly a Zero in words. Thoughtful of them.

Number Zero called out explicitly in words

Number Zero called out explicitly in words

I will go a step further and suggest that in future all account numbers and codes should:

  • avoid the letter O,
  • not have consecutive zeroes,
  • no number or character should appear consecutive for more than twice,

and a few other thoughtful conditions. After all, computers can easily validate them when generating these.

It will be good if Reserve Bank of India takes inspiration (if it is not already their rule) and mandate Zeroes being called out explicitly when printing any account number or codes like IFSC.

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