I am a sucker for travel-themed films, especially if it has hotels and airports featured, like in The Terminal (2004) or Lost in Translation (2003). Following on Netflix’s recommendation, I watched this Italian film titled Viaggio Sola or A Five Star Life (2013), it was simple yet I liked it.

The story is about a single woman Irene, whose job as a mystery guest involves travelling and staying in the most luxurious hotels around the world – her life is much like what George Clooney lives in Up in the Air (2009) – while in that and similar films the epiphany on the pointless life they are living comes from a love affair or from family, for Irene it comes when a fellow guest in a Berlin hotel who is a successful career woman dies suddenly leaving behind no one to even cry for her.  In the first few scenes, Irene meticulously looks for, taking notes, and rating every part of the room she stays and every action of the waiters and butlers who serve her – I found in interesting.

The film is focused on the life of Irene. We see only her sister & her family, and, Irene’s former lover and friend.

Overall, a film I liked but it may not be to everyone’s liking.

Available on Netflix.

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