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Why I love the new Messenger control?

I was telling someone yesterday about why I love the new messenger control. This is the control that you see on the left-hand side of this page titled “Chat with me” that allows an anonymous visitor to the page to chat with me in real time when I am logged in to Live Messenger.

I love the opportunity this simple control gives me to interact with visitors around the world. I am sure they are finding this easy to use this, rather than writing a comment and it also gives them instant gratification. Today I was having an interesting conversation with a Facility Manager from Saudi Arabia on how he came across my blog (actual chat snippet below):

Visitor to Venkatarangan Blog on how he discovered the blog
Visitor to Venkatarangan Blog on how he discovered the blog

What I like most is the convenience of using and the control I get with this service. I don’t need to sign in to yet another site or install a client application for being available for chatting. The only thing I need to do is to be signed in to my regular Live Messenger. And including this on the blog page couldn’t be easier – other than the Microsoft style of a plethora of different sites you need to go before you understand it.

To include this control on your page, there are three steps.

Step 1: Enable Permission in Messenger settings page to “Show your Messenger Status on the  Web”

Step 2: Click on the “Create HTML” on the left-hand navigation on the same page. In the page select the style of the control you want to display in your page

Step 3: Copy the HTML at the bottom of the page and paste it into an appropriate area in your blog page.

For more details refer to But please spare yourself by not starting with this page, it takes you to a complex looking MSDN page which finally redirects you to these 3 simple steps I have said above.