Movie Review

Spectre (2015)

It’s surprising to see James Bond franchise alive and going strong even after 50 years. Spectre (2015) is the latest in the series, starring Daniel Craig as James Bond, and Léa Seydoux as Dr.Swann. The plot is how 007 saves the world from an overarching digital monitoring system being setup by cooperation between powerful nine nations of the world. The  intelligence co-operation system shown is meant to be a reference to civil society’s growing concern over United States’ NSA style surveillance as revealed by Edward Snowden and to the digital backdoor that UK’s Prime Minister wished for. In this, Spectre benefits from a more relevant plot than the bonds movies that came in recent years and that was not wasted by Director Sam Mendes.

Like every Bond film, Spectre starts off with a grand opening showing the colourful “Day of the Dead” festival in Mexico City. The momentum gets slow after that with the revelation that Bond is working on this mission without official sanction, a plot line that’s become too common now in movies of same genre. The pace races up just after half mark as Bond goes in search of the mastermind Franz Oberhauser.

The car chase in Rome was a visual treat, playing out like a opera it’s a brilliant symphony conducted by composer Thomas Newman and Cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema. 


After 3 years of waiting for the IMAX screens in Phoenix Mall or Forum Vijaya Mall to open, it was fun to finally see a movie in Chennai’s first IMAX.