If you are from India (or Asia) and you happen to visit the USA, in the first few days itself you are likely to notice the amount of food (and other stuff) that is wasted here in this country. For example, today I was in a nearby Safeway (Grocery store) and I couldn’t find a small (100 Grams) pack of Potato Chips. Most of the time, it is because it is cheaper to buy in bulk, much more than what you need and throw the rest. This is encouraged by sellers, you only get everything in really big packs – whether it is socks, handkerchiefs, envelopes, pens or Coffee or Popcorn. In my many visits over last one decade to this nice country, this is one thing I wish they can do without. The good thing is that in recent years there is a very slow but sure awareness growing about this, especially due to environmental concerns.

Having said the above, it is also in this country that you see many grass root movements to encourage reuse, donations, etc. It does exist, but it has to expand to the general population at large. I was impressed to see a few years back Used Clothes Donation Bins (like the ones you see below) in many apartment complexes and malls. They normally place these strategically near to garbage dumps so that even at the last minute before throwing people are reminded to donate and make a difference to the life of a poor. If you are India – you can donate to a nearby orphanage like Udhavum Karangal and the likes, all of them accept wholeheartedly any donations.

When posting this, I remembered my grandfather’s saying “Don’t buy anything just because it is being sold cheap” (or) in other words “buy only what you need when you need it

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