Today, after you have your base Operating Systems setup, Antivirus has become the first application to be installed. In fact, most manufactures now ship PCs with pre-built A/V programs in them.

At workplace, we have been using Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition for several years now. Protecting all our 50+ workstations, file servers, web & db servers. The product has got good Admin tools, central update server and auto-update features.

Still many users (especially home users) find these A/V products to be expensive for them (from an Indian Standpoint) costing Rs.2000 or more. With today’s falling PC prices this is about 10% of a HomePC cost and they have to keep paying it for every year for renewal. About a year back, I found a Free Edition A/V Product (free for Home Users) and I have been using it in my Home PC; Recommended it as well to my relatives and friends with good feedbacks. The product is called “AVG Free Edition” from Grisoft. It has all the basic A/V features and also auto update. Give it a try in your Home PC and put in your comments below.

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