We all are used to the convenience of Mobile phones. I love my Nokia 6610 due to its small size and less weight. Added reason is my son’s photo seen well thanks to the great color display. I am eagerly looking forward to switch to a good versatile Microsoft Smartphone soon. This will give me the ability to write custom programs in .NET, do PowerPoint or Excel or Outlook on the move without needing a Laptop.

So we all love buying new mobile phones every other year or 2 years once. We don’t think much about this, because of the rate of obscelence and the free price fall of new models. But there is a other dark side to this.

Environmentalists around the world are now very concerned about this trend. As this PTI article says there are going to be over 130 Millions mobile phones thrown by Americans alone next year. Extend this to rest of the world, you can understand this fully. Dumping them in landfills or sea dumps is going to create this big environment problem, mainly due to their toxic content, mainly lead discharge.

So the next time I am buying a new phone, I am not throwing my old one. I will hand-it over to a low-end user!

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