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Pill bottle design–Talk by Deborah Adler in Mix ‘09

This is something that I saw two and half years back during Microsoft Mix ‘09 conference. I wanted to blog about it then but somehow seemed to have missed it. Today I was reminded of it when I was talking to my Yoga master about my experience of going to a Doctor in the USA and buying medicines there a few years back when I fell sick during a trip to Houston. Unlike India where prescription drugs are sold in sealed aluminium foil strips, in the USA I found many of the medicines are packaged in bottles.

There was this talk in Mix ‘09 conference following IE 8.0 keynote on User Experience by Deborah Adler, Ms.Adler was an attractive young UX designer whose prescription packaging system simplified the design of Pill bottles & information presented in that. It also reduced the chances of the wrong usage of pills and resulting complications. The design was adopted by Target Pharmacies and is marketed under their ClearRX brand. I found the idea of improving on an everyday problem to be quite impressive & encouraging. Check out the video here (skip to 30.30 Minute to get to this section directly).

Update 2013: She has delivered the same talk at TEDx here – YouTube video.

Deborah Adler ClearRX Pill Bottles