• Tech Ed 2010 Sri Lanka
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    Windows Azure talks in Tech Ed 2010 Sri Lanka

    Last two days I am here in Tech Ed 2010 in Sri Lanka. I enjoy coming to Sri Lanka for two reasons. One, compared to India developer population here is small but they are very eager to learn new technologies. Second, the local Microsoft DPE team is very innovative in their programs and their hospitality is awesome & very Sri Lankan. The last time I made a talk in the country was for DevDay 2007. My first talk on Day 2 was titled “Lap Around the Windows Azure Platform” where I covered on the Introduction to Windows Azure, Need for a cloud computing platform, case study video, a lap around…

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    TechEd India 2009 and my session

    After a gap of few years, I am happy that Microsoft premier event “TechEd” is happening again in India. For many of the regular speakers in the event, TechEd India is an annual ritual that we enjoy and look forward to eagerly. It gives a rare opportunity to meet, interact and network with brilliant participants, to hear what they are working on currently and how they are using Microsoft technologies in real life. When the organizers told me the venue is Hyderabad I was at a loss – why on earth anyone will hold an event in Hyderabad in the middle of peak summer?. After few minutes of reaching the…