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Read here the first post on my trip to Rameswaram.

A few weeks back I got to visit Rameswaram town after a decade or so. After the temple darshans and sight-seeing, on being invited by Kalam International Foundation, I visited “House of Kalam” – the residence of Dr Kalam‘s family. Visiting the house and the museum, an unmistakable feeling of proudness overwhelms you – seeing that a young boy from this (then) fishing village rose to great heights in defence engineering and to became the President of India. The museum called “Mission of life gallery” is on the first floor and is open for public for free. When we went, even though it was closed briefly for lunchtime, we could see dozens of tourist from all over India waiting outside – I am hard pressed to think of few other Indian leaders who have earned this kind of unconditional love from all Indians.

After seeing Chettinad Palace and Kanadukathan on Monday, on Tuesday we went around Tanjore. I have written earlier detailed posts on my visit in 2012…

After seeing Thirumayam fort we went to Kanadukathan (கானாடுகாத்தான்) to see Chettinad palace, the palatial house of Sri MAM Ramaswamy and family. Chettiyars hail from Chettinad region are a prosperous banking and business community who traveled across South East Asia doing trade especially during Cholas and later the British empire. To go inside the Chettinad Palace you need to get prior permission from the family which we were lucky to get through a friend in Tanjore. After Kanadukathan we…