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    Zune Player in India

    I am probably the first few in India to lay hands on a Zune Player. Last week I received a Zune Player – thanks to Microsoft RD Program and My Vista, My Office Challenge. The first thing that strikes you is the package which is Simple, Compact & Clean. Definitely something I haven’t seen before from Microsoft. There is no big logos or long instructions. The device itself is fabulous, well designed for day to day usage. The buttons are cleanly lay out, intitutive to use. The device sports Audio (WMA, MP3), Video (WMV) Playback, Radio Tuner, WiFi to share songs (which play on other device for 3 days/3 times)…

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    DLL Hell Song

    If you have been programming in Windows API/C++/VB 6.0 for long, you will feel the pain of DLL Hell. Dotnet framework solved it, but here is a good song to remember the DLL Hell, written by Dan Wahlin and Spike Xavier. Update: The original link was not working, so I have made the file available here: No More DLL Hell (MP3).

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    Chieftains – Irish Folk songs

    I don’t have formal learning in any music, nor understand the basic and intricacies of it (Ragas and so on) – but I enjoy listening to good (that I can relate to). I mostly listen to Classical Carnatic Music, Tamil Film Songs, Tamil Folk Songs & Instrumentals. I am definitely not into jarring loud music. 6 to 7 years back one of my good friends “Asokan P” introduced me to Chieftains (Irish Folk Songs), after one of his trips to USA. I immediately liked it and started buying 2 to 3 more of their CDs. In recent years Irish Folks Songs became very well known due to “Titanic” movie – it is the same music that the couple in…

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    More on Music Season

    After my first day with this Music season, next two days I went to Sri.T.N.Seshagopalan and Sri.Unnikrishnan vocal performances. I don’t understand Carnatic Music, but still the 2 hours each day was very peaceful – no work, can sit and silently think and once in a while enjoy music as well :-) The only distrubance is caused by some inconsiderate people talking all the while during performance. During a Vocal show when the whole hall is very silent (other than the artist), you can clearly listen to even the minute murmurs. During Sri.Unnikrishnan’s performance I faced this problem the couple in front of me, kept talking all through the program…

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    Chennai Music Season 2005

    If it is December (மார்கழி மாதம்) it is Music (கச்சேரி) Season in Chennai. Almost all the famous Carnatic Music Artists – Vocal and Instrumental, Tamil Drama (Play) artists perform in various halls (சபாக்கள்) during the month-and-half festival. Music lovers from around the world, Non-Resident Indians, Locals enjoy the performances. Not only the famous gets the stage, it is also the upcoming artists who get a chance during the morning hours for which the entry is free. December/January is an ideal time for this, as the climate in Chennai is little less warmer and pleasantly cold during the evenings. This year it has been super cold (anything less than 25 Degrees…

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    Bose Theatre experience and Bose Wave Player

    Two weeks when I was in New Delhi, my meeting for the day got cancelled and I had few hours to burn; We (me and my friend Bala) were in Connaught Circle and after visiting Palika Bazaar and few other stores, I noticed a “Bose” Store. I have heard from my friends that Bose systems sound great and they equally cost a fortune to own. As an electronics graduate, Bose speakers have also amazed me on how they can engineer such audio brilliance into such small speakers. Recently one of my friend had also mentioned about the Bose Experience in their live theatre (inside every Bose store). So curious we…