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Zune Player in India

I am probably the first few in India to lay hands on a Zune Player. Last week I received a Zune Player – thanks to Microsoft RD Program and My Vista, My Office Challenge.

The first thing that strikes you is the package which is Simple, Compact & Clean. Definitely something I haven’t seen before from Microsoft. There is no big logos or long instructions.

The device itself is fabulous, well designed for day to day usage. The buttons are cleanly lay out, intitutive to use. The device sports Audio (WMA, MP3), Video (WMV) Playback, Radio Tuner, WiFi to share songs (which play on other device for 3 days/3 times) & Photo Slideshow.  The Audio & Video playback is flawless. Overall a serious competitor to Apple iPod.

The only thing I desire in Zune, is a better Desktop Software. For some reasons the software didn’t install the necessary device drivers in my Home Windows XP SP2 PC, while it worked fine in my Office (WinXP SP2) machine. Hope Microsoft which makes great software like Windows Vista and Office 2007 comes out with a better Zune Desktop Software.

Zune Player (White)

Update 20/12/06: There has been a new release of Zune Software yesterday that works with Windows Vista.


  • Parinita Jamuar

    hello sir,

    I have zune 8GB ipod and its not switching on and also last time i switched it on its memory just vanished. can you please help me?

  • arjun

    i have purchased a zune 120GB device, the problem is zune120gb is not turning on, when i connect it to the computer, the computer is not detecting it, some times when i press the paly/pause button to turn the zune ON, there is battery symbol on the screen with lightning bolt symbol inside the battery symbol, after few seconds the lightning bolt symbol disappears and then there is red line at the bottom of the battery symbol, what is the problem with my zune

  • Hari


    My Zune player stopped working . When I plug for a charge it just heats up and doesn’t start.Is there is any service center opened in India currently ? if not any idea about in near future ?



  • Venkatarangan Thirumalai

    @AjayJacob, Zune Player to best of my knowledge is not supported outside U.S.A. And since the device are rare in India, you will find it hard for anyone to know how to service it in India. If you want to have it serviced your best choice is official support in U.S.A. Most of the time the problem will be with chargers and the charge cable. Try changing the cable (or) if the cable is good, buy a good high-power output USB Charger and try it. The device requires more power than traditional USB Chargers.

  • ajayjacob

    Hi Venkat,

    Recently my brother gifted me a zune player and I have problem to battery its not working while enjoyin a drive. Can you suggest me a store in kerala…….. where can i repair the zune ipod from? I reside in kerala,kollam………..

    Thanks in advance

  • Tintu Thomas

    Hi Mr. Venkat,im from Salem, TN.
    Last week i Purchased LG E900 Win7 mobile from Singapore, i was using my laptop and downloaded games songs etc but when i back home i couldn find the market place in Zune, even though i changed the location setting im unable to download? i created a new LIVE id and logged in my mobile its getting connected and can view the market place but not able to download? will the Zune updates Market Place for our Country???

    Thank you

  • Venkatarangan TNC

    @Darshan, if I were you I will try it in the usual electronic shop areas (my bangalore friends say that will be National Market, I have no clue where it is). If online I will check out Ebay India or Whereever you buy from, exercise caution before you buy. I believe Microsoft doesn’t offer any support or warranty for Zune in India as they told sell it in India. Enjoy!
    You may also want to check out the other brands/models available in local Electronic chains like Croma, Next, Reliance – there are some cool devices available & supported in India now.

  • darshan

    hi venkat,
    i want to purchase zune hd , i’m staying in bangalore. tell me any store in bangalore where can i get it ??? or tell me any good website to order online plz??? and wats the price of 16gb in Rupees including all custom charges / duties… waiting for your answer………..

  • Venkatarangan TNC

    @Ansul, I don’t think Zune Marketplace is yet available in India. You need to access the US Marketplace – try creating a Live ID with a USA Address, if you want to buy stuff, you will need a USA Credit Card as well.

  • anshul

    Hi Mr Venkat,
    I just bought a Zune HD player, the thing is I wanted to know if there’s any way to download free apps/ games specified by Zune at Zune marketplace ? Marketplace seems to be available for US and on Zune SOftware I can not find the tab for apps. In fact I’d be grateful if you could direct me to any other Zune HD owner in India. I’m really sorry for randomly asking for help, it’s just that I couldn’t find other owners in India, and I’m kind of in a panic situation.

  • Anusha

    Hi Venkat,
    I have lost my Zune HD sync cabel. Can you suggest me a store in India where I can buy the sync cable from? I reside in Hyderabad!

    Thanks in advace


  • vishal

    hey venkat,
    I got my Zune Player 30 GB some 5 months back…but i’m facing a problem like it’s getting switched off after some time by its own….i’m charging it everyday but still facing such problem…when i restart it, it works good….battery is also showing full….i don’t know what’s d problem…can you please help me out??

    thanks man…

  • gary

    hii venkat,, i recently got zune hd but i have problem downloading device drivers..
    my windows vista is unable to download ….cn u help me out from whr to download device drivers for zune hd

  • Venkatarangan TNC

    Sorry Siddharha, Zune has no service centre in India, in fact I don’t think it is sold or supported in India. Your only chance is to use it as a Paper weight (or) try your luck with a local electronics repair shop. I had my Zune 30GB rendered useless after my son forcefully pulled the USB cable and broke the connectors inside the device. I bought a new one (120GB) from USA last year again – I should have waited and bought the Zune HD, now that looks lovely!

  • Siddharha

    Hey Venky,

    I am a big music buff. Around 1 and half year back i bought my 30 GB Zune. While one fine day put the zube on charging but since that day it has been dead.
    Its not getting charged nor getting started. Please help or suggest me service center in India.

  • Amit

    Hi Venkat,

    I have Zune 80 GB,
    but my charger is misplace now, can u suggest to get new one from where?????


  • Venkatarangan TNC

    Dear Ms.Basu,
    Technically any standard Earphone (Stereo EP as they are called) should work with Zune. You can try any of the popular one’s from say Philips, Sony or even Apple iPods Earphones. You will find them in any electronics outlet including TATA Croma, NEXT, E-Zone, etc.

  • Susmita Basu

    Hi Venkat,

    Recently my sister gifted me a zune player and I have lost the ear plug while enjoyin a drive. Can you suggest me a store in India where I can buy the ear plug from? I reside in Bangalore!

    Thanks in advance