I am probably the first few in India to lay hands on a Zune Player. Last week I received a Zune Player – thanks to Microsoft RD Program and My Vista, My Office Challenge.

The first thing that strikes you is the package which is Simple, Compact & Clean. Definitely something I haven’t seen before from Microsoft. There is no big logos or long instructions.

The device itself is fabulous, well designed for day to day usage. The buttons are cleanly lay out, intitutive to use. The device sports Audio (WMA, MP3), Video (WMV) Playback, Radio Tuner, WiFi to share songs (which play on other device for 3 days/3 times) & Photo Slideshow.  The Audio & Video playback is flawless. Overall a serious competitor to Apple iPod.

The only thing I desire in Zune, is a better Desktop Software. For some reasons the software didn’t install the necessary device drivers in my Home Windows XP SP2 PC, while it worked fine in my Office (WinXP SP2) machine. Hope Microsoft which makes great software like Windows Vista and Office 2007 comes out with a better Zune Desktop Software.

Zune Player (White)

Update 20/12/06: There has been a new release of Zune Software yesterday that works with Windows Vista.

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