After my first day with this Music season, next two days I went to Sri.T.N.Seshagopalan and Sri.Unnikrishnan vocal performances. I don’t understand Carnatic Music, but still the 2 hours each day was very peaceful – no work, can sit and silently think and once in a while enjoy music as well :-)

The only distrubance is caused by some inconsiderate people talking all the while during performance. During a Vocal show when the whole hall is very silent (other than the artist), you can clearly listen to even the minute murmurs. During Sri.Unnikrishnan’s performance I faced this problem the couple in front of me, kept talking all through the program – may be they don’t get a chance to do that in their house. After so much hesitation, finally when I left I told the “Gentle”man; surprisingly he didn’t apologize, but gave me a defying look.

Have you faced similar inconsiderate poeple especially in public places?. Please post your comments below.

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