I don’t have formal learning in any music, nor understand the basic and intricacies of it (Ragas and so on) – but I enjoy listening to good (that I can relate to). I mostly listen to Classical Carnatic Music, Tamil Film Songs, Tamil Folk Songs & Instrumentals. I am definitely not into jarring loud music.

6 to 7 years back one of my good friends “Asokan P” introduced me to Chieftains (Irish Folk Songs), after one of his trips to USA. I immediately liked it and started buying 2 to 3 more of their CDs. In recent years Irish Folks Songs became very well known due to “Titanic” movie – it is the same music that the couple in Titanic dance for in the lower levels with the common men.

Today while going through my CD collections, I realized in the last 2 years I haven’t heard Chieftains. Following which, I have been hearing to it for last few hours and I still love their music just as much as I did few years back. Hence this blog post!

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