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    Microsoft SMS Organizer

    Microsoft has a mobile messaging (SMS) App called “SMS organizer” for Android that is the best out there. Sporting automatic SPAM blocking, Bank Transaction summary, alerts for important payments/Travel dates, Categorization into Personal / Transactions / Promotion / Starred – the app is awesome. Today when I checked they have introduced a feature to get #CBSE exams results right from the app. மைக்ரோசாப்ட் குறுஞ்செய்தி செயலி தமிழில் – Microsoft SMS Organizer supports Tamil User InterfaceI wish Microsoft develop a Phone Dialer too, that has a similar set of features, TrueCaller feels like bloatware trying to do everything and the kitchen sink. #MicrosoftIndia #SMS

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    WordPress Plugins I use

    I love WordPress. This blog has been using WordPress, the “open source” software for many years, which I have self-hosted in an Azure VM. The power of WordPress as a content management platform comes from its open architecture – which extends the core capabilities through thousands of plugins and themes made by third-parties. The ecosystem is simply amazing. As on date, 28% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online. Following are some of the many themes and plugins, that I have been using to run this blog. The below list is not exhaustive. Themes: Voice – Magazine WordPress Theme – This is a…

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    Can Google Tez help India go cashless?

    India is a cash economy – and everyone knows this. Venture capitalists see a huge opportunity and are investing in companies that provide financial services for the over 1 billion people in India. I have written last year about the numerous payment related companies that are working in India. The government of India has undertaken many initiatives from its side to wean people away from cash – let us leave the politics aside – GoI has tried to jumpstart digital transactions through demonetization of ₹500 and ₹1000 currencies last year and are promoting digital platforms like UPI which integrates AADHAAR with your bank account to provide a seamless service. NPCI…

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    Plex Media Server

    Over the last decade and half I have moved between various platforms to manage the digital media I have. First it was simple folders in an external hard drive to store all the movies, tv shows, music, pictures and home videos I had. The media would be ripped from optical disks I owned using software I described here. Later, I graduated to categorizing and storing all the digital content in my home with Zune, then to Windows Media Server so that I can share it to my XBOX and other devices in the home. After this was moving everything to Apple iTunes so that all the iDevices like iPad, iPhone & Apple…

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    90% of App store apps are zombies

    Yes, Apple’s AppStore has been a phenomenal success with over 2 million apps for iOS and $50 Billion payouts made till June ’16. It has certainly democratized software buying, simplified distribution and improved update rates. Anyone who has ever written a desktop app will remember these to be huge problems that existed forever. Around 1997 when I started EasyTools.com writing shareware (what’s called freemium today) for a living, I was spending more time in doing the software distribution, collecting payment, generating product keys and troubleshooting installation than I was in writing the actual application. Thanks to Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play and Microsoft’s Windows Store software developers today can focus…