Troubles with a cup of coffee: How the hell do you drink coffee at the right temperature? Especially in this Chennai monsoon weather, it’s a nightmare.

If you take it out of the microwave immediately, it’s so hot it’ll burn your tongue. You won’t be able to taste anything for two days. If you let it cool for two minutes, it’ll get cold and flat. It’s not even worth drinking. If you take it out after one minute, it’s hot on one sip and cold on the next. And don’t even get me started on black coffee – it’s undrinkable if it’s not hot enough.

I thought maybe it was the problem with those Chinese-made mugs, so I switched to a traditional tumbler. But it’s the same thing – the first sip is scalding, and the second sip is lukewarm.

I wish there was a machine that could solve this problem. A coffee AI, if you will.

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