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Chandamama magazine archives are available for free

Chandamama was a classic Indian monthly magazine for children, famous for its illustrations, publishing mythological/magical stories. It was started in 1947 by Sri B.Nagi Reddy and Sri Chakrapani, noted South Indian Filmmakers.

A couple of generations of kids grew up reading, dreaming and enjoying “Chandamama” children’s magazine, and, its various local language editions like அம்புலிமாமா – of which I was an avid reader and enjoyed reading during my school days.

The magazine house shut shop many years ago, but its past editions from 1948 till 2009 are now available in Internet Archives and from Chandamama dot in (a fan site) as PDFs.

I randomly picked the September 1955 issue and the editorial there caught my attention. You will be surprised at how they saw the arrival of Nuclear Power and the promise of the world with bountiful power.

Chandamama September 1955 editorial
Chandamama September 1955 editorial


Most often stories involve animals and magic powers
Most often stories involve animals and magic powers
An advertisement for a film roll
An advertisement for a film roll
A story from the Tamil Edition Ambulimama (அம்புலிமாமா) - யார் தகுந்தவன்?
A story from the Tamil Edition Ambulimama (அம்புலிமாமா) – யார் தகுந்தவன்?

Update – 4th Aug 2020: To read the issues online without downloading, check out (another fan site), it has back issues for English, Hindi & Telugu. I learned about this site through a comment posted below for this post! Thanks, Anirudh for sharing.

Update – 1st Oct 2020:  Today, there was the sad news of the passing away of the artist behind the illustrations in Chandamama issues – Mr K C Sivasankar, aged 97. He kindled our childhood imagination on how the various mythological characters would’ve looked.
//Hailing from Erode, Sankar or K C Sivasankar illustrated for five decades on varied subjects — but all grounded in Indian culture. For instance, the stories of ‘Vethal’.//

Update – 2023: I came across the link for the past Tamil language issues in Internet Archives and updated this post with the same.


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