There are movies whose upcoming release generates a lot of excitement, but only a few live up to the levels.  Mookuthi Amman (மூக்குத்தி அம்மன்) written and co-directed by RJ Balaji and starring Nayanthara not only meets the expectation but exceeds it. It is a clean comedy that can be enjoyed with the family.

The story is a familiar one, of God coming down to earth to bless & work with one of his/her devotees. The credit roll acknowledges being inspired by Bruce Almighty (2003) and others, but I could see the influence of Oh My God (2012) and PK (2014) as well and that’s not bad. In Mookuthi Amman, RJ Balaji is a reporter for a local TV channel and as the head of a father-less family, he has the responsibility to take of his mother, grandfather and 3 sisters.  In the area, a powerful (fraud) godman has been plotting to usurp 11,000 acres of agriculture land in the name of building a spiritual city, and RJ Balaji tries his best in vain to raise awareness on the issue. This is when Goddess Mookuthi Amman, played by Nayanthara appears before RJ Balaji and what happens next is the film about.

It is a fantasy film, but RJ Balaji has managed to keep the imaginations from running wild to becoming absurd. He has given a right mix of emotions, comedy and social cause to keep us entertained thoroughly. For Nayanthara, there is little to do and she has done them effortlessly. It is actress Urvashi, appearing as RJ’s mother who hits the balls out of the park. I am a fan of veteran actor Moulee, who comes as RJ’s grandpa, I wish he was given more role. As an actor, RJ Balaji seems to have improved a lot from his earlier film LKG (2019).

A must watch for this holiday season and it is available on Disney+ Hotstar.

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