In Tamil Cinema, when it comes to political comedy, we have satires, spoofs and then LKG (2019). In his maiden attempt as a writer and hero, RJ Balaji gets promoted to middle school right after kindergarten.

The story is a familiar one – of how a local municipal councillor becomes the Chief Minister of the state through his aspiration and smartness – we have seen a similar storyline in last year’s Annanukku Jai starring Attakathi Dinesh – what separates LKG from all its predecessors was the plausibility and ingenuity in its script.

Yes, RJ Balaji was unable to express any kind of emotion onscreen, but he makes it up with the dialogues. Priya Anand and Comedy time Mayilsamy have supported him well. I enjoyed the roles of both the real-world politicians Nanjil Sampath and J. K. Rithesh, who have played characters resembling their own personalities.

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