Movie Review

Oh My God! (2012)

One of my friends’ recommended I see this movie. Oh My God, a Hindi Movie that released in Sep’ 12. The movie is loose adaptation of Australian movie “The Man Who Sued God” which I haven’t seen yet.

The movie is about a Gujarati shopkeeper “Kanji Lalji Mehta” (Played by Paresh Rawal) selling fake antiques in Mumbai, whose shop is destroyed by a Earthquake. Insurance company dismisses the claim as Act of God. Kanjilal being an atheist sues all the Godmen in the country for the Act of God, calling them Sales Agents of God. The resulting lawsuit and how he wins his case is the story.

Akshay Kumar (who is the producer of the movie) does a guest role as The God. The Motorbike scenes where he saves Kanjilal from a mob is a cheap imitation of the Nicholas Cage’s Ghost Rider.

The heartthrob of yesteryears Mithun Chakraborthy plays the role of the leading spiritual leader “Leeladhar Swamy”. While watching the movie I was trying to identify the actor who played the role, his face was so familiar but I couldn’t place him.