Paneer is a fresh cheese common in the Indian subcontinent. It is used in many of the popular side dishes and goes well with Naan and Roti (Indian Breads). We buy readymade Paneer from the shops. This weekend my wife decided to make the Paneer at home from fresh milk.  Below are pictures of the process.

The steps are to boil milk (say 2 litres of milk), add a teaspoon of vinegar (or lemon), straing the curdled milk, and, pack it tied in a cotton cloth and hang it overnight for the water to drain. The next day, open the cloth and cut it into pieces. Use the paneer pieces to cook your favourite side-dish.

Stage 1: Curdled Milk

Stage 1: Curdled Milk

Stage 2: Pressed Paneer - drained of all water and pressed overnight

Stage 2: Pressed Paneer – pressed overnight and drained of all water

Stage 3: Cooked into a side-dish. Paneer Butter Masala

Stage 3: Cooked into a side-dish, “Paneer Butter Masala”.

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