Today in Singapore I saw this movie “John Carter” in TV here. The movie is about a American Civil War veteran being transported to Planet mars. There he encounters 12 Foot barbarians, other creatures and finally falls in love with a local princess. Finally he transports again by force to Earth from which he goes back to Mars in search of his love. I liked the initial scenes where John Carter struggles himself to even walk in Mars due to reduced gravity there and the fighting scenes with the creatures are nicely done. Overall, an entertaining action sci-fi movie from Disney.


Update 28th July 2014

In a “Twit” podcast I listened to famous Sci-Fi writer Larry Niven talk about Edgar Rice Burroughs who is known for his Tarzan series as one of the best Sci-Fi writers. Looking on the list of books published by Burroughs I saw his last book was “John Carter of Mars” (his son wrote it and he revised it). Wikipedia says the movie “John carter” is based on Burroughs previous novels. Something interesting I learned today.

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