Asuran (2019) is a familiar village caste conflict and revenge story, that dazzles you because of the exceptional acting by Dhanush and intense storytelling by Vetrimaaran. Dhanush has been ably supported by Manju Warrier.

The second hero in the film was G.V.Prakash Kumar‘s spirited background music, it has added a different dimension to every action sequence in the film. Actor Karuna‘s son Ken Karunas comes as Dhanush‘s second son and the boy shows a lot of promise.

Caste and Feudalism are real and painful problems in Indian villages. I wish the Director had presented a ‘different’ perspective to this complex issue, instead, we are presented a regular narration. The blood and mutated dead bodies showed felt repugnant for me, the intensity and violence could’ve been communicated better without the actual visuals.

The film is 100% about a Dhanush affair, even his main antagonists are shown playing guest roles. I liked Asuran (2019) more than Vada Chennai (2018), and, that’s my taste.

அசுரன் (2019)

அசுரன் (2019)

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