I am not a fanboy of Apple, yet I like my iPad Pro 2018, it is the best tablet out there – perfect form factor, good battery life, clear audio, the widest range of accessories, the largest selection of fine apps across the three major platforms (iOS, Android & Windows).

It is not without its faults. I realised there are two useless (for me) features in #iPadOS and #iPad:

1) The multi-windows support and the gestures needed to get it working (I have 25+ years of experience working with GUI, an experienced programmer, yet I needed to watch 3 YouTube videos to learn it). I am surprised the same ‘press’ and ‘critics’ who mocked at Microsoft for the snapping feature with #Windows 8, are raining praises on the same feature, which was at least working in Windows.

2) Apple Pencil. At US$129, it is one of the most expensive piece of technology relic I had bought. It looks glamorous but offers nothing more (than I can do without it). I am sure, it is indispensable for those who draw and artist, but for me, one whose most artistic talent is drawing a straight line with a ruler and a circle with a compass, it is not useful. I am aware, a few of my friends have found it handy for notes and comments, but so far I haven’t found a use.

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