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SPIR-IT Summit Chennai

Few weeks back I got an invite from TIE Chennai for an event called SPIR-IT Summit. First thing that caught my attention was the venue, it was Theosophical Society in Adyar (Chennai), famous as a green haven inside Chennai city. The event was for CXOs titled “Inner Resilience to Outer Agility”, claiming to be a conference on leadership, consciousness and technology.  It is half-day by-invitation event limited to 60 participants, organized by Madras Management Association (MMA) and IT Wing of Brahma Kumaris. The talk will explore strategies to become Resilient under pressure and learn techniques to restore personal well-being.

I have performing Yoga for more than 15 years including meditation technigues which are both useful tools to destress our busy mind & body. At the same time I am not a fan of self improvement lectures or spirituality courses, as I feel these have to come from yourself rather from learn from talks. Anyways, I registered and attended the event today, as I was intrigued by what the SPIR-IT summit will talk, that too for IT Professionals, plus the curiosity to visit Theosophical Society where I haven’t been before.

First speaker was Bala Kishore (Co-Founder of SPIR-IT) who talked of WISDOM 2.0, who raised the question “Have we created technologies for wellment, wellbeing of humans and not only for amassing more wealth“. The speaker for the event was supposed to be popular author on Relaxation techniques Mike George, who fell sick suddenly and was subsituted by Ken O’ Donnell who is an organization consultant and an author who lives in Brazil.

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Ken O’ Donnell spoke on the following:

  • Only 3% of our mindfulness is present in the moment, 97% we think of past or future. Happiness is a present activity, you can’t relive that you were happy in the past or anticipate being happy in the future.
  • Resilience is the ability to respond to changing scenarios. We need to develop this. It’s the opposite to stress. Look at Green Bamboo that grows in Brazil, it bends and bends, stays that way after it is dried. Motivate yourself and adapt resilience.
  • Agility – To be agile is that you understand chaos.
  • What makes us Rigid and not Agile?. They are Worry (90% of worries are unreal), Fear, Thoughts, Ego, Firm Belief & Conditioning.
  • Think of only those that needs to be thought. We invest time on what holding us down, rather than what’s our natural position. Reduce clutter, be selective and at times be crazy too.
  • Be More, Do Less; Get More Done.

To help in reducing stress (Tension) you can use the following formulae, which shows that reducing Pressure (both real and unreal) and/or increasing resilience reduces Tension.