About a year back, this restaurant “Tosai” opened in Ashok Nagar (Chennai). They make nearly a hundred variety of dosas – most of them variations in the toppings, just like an American pizza. They reminded me of Seena Bhai 1977 Dosa Centre that I visited two years ago.

Tosai is in the outdoors, you need to stand out and eat your food, with a few seats available on a side bench. It is a small but efficient and clean setup. The billing clerk was friendly and both the time I visited them, he was happy to make recommendations that worked well.

Today, I and wife had two variety of dosa and they were good.

Pasta Dosa (பாஸ்தா தோசை)

Pav Bhaji Dosa (பாவ் பாஜீ தோசை)

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