Dosa, the South-Indian pancake that’s made from fermented batter of Rice and Black gram is a popular dish in Chennai. You can prepare many different varieties of dosas – that taste spicy or sweet or hot, that can be made thinner or thicker with a whole range of toppings – popular ones are onion and chilly powder. You eat dosa with a lot of sauces called chutneys – coconut chutney and tomato chutney being the most common. Many restaurants in Chennai and wider South India have built their reputation and brand with their signature recipes they own for the dosas they make. One such restaurant (I should call it eatery) that’s popular in Sowcarpet area of Chennai is “Seena Bhai 1977 Dosa Centre”. It is in N.S.C. Bose Road, opposite to another restaurant that’s famous for their Masala Dosa “Hotel Krishna Prasad”. Seena Bhai shop is popular for the tasty and speciality dosas they make. Today when I was in the area with my family, we were treated by the dosa chef to a special pizza dosa, family size, with a load of toppings. It was Yummy!!!

Above is a video I recorded of the chef preparing his signature dosa.

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