I took my son today to watch this new 3D Movie “Rio” in Escape multiplex. As usual, I booked the tickets online at thecinema.in, printed the tickets and was expecting to be seated without any hassles. But the usher redirected me to the crowded food-bar to get 3D Glass coupons for Rs.20 per person. It’s a 3D movie so everyone has to have the glasses to see the movie, so why not add the cost as a line item in the online booking – they do allow the convenience of buying food & beverages online along with the ticket, so why not 3D Glasses?. I suspect it is to do with some misunderstood & out-dated Entertainment Tax or VAT law in Tamil Nadu/India.

The movie was a Blue Macaw bird which is raised by a young girl in Minnesota after being smuggled from Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) to the USA. The bird is taken back to Rio to pair it with a female and save the species but gets chained by smugglers again. The rest of the movie is how the bird escapes along with its lover. The animations of the scenes in Rio are breath-taking, seamless 3D effects – shows how far animation & 3D technology in Cinemas have come in the last decade, amazing!. A cool movie for kids, they will love it. For Adults, the storyline could have been a little more fast-paced.

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