For the last two weeks, I binge-watched two seasons of Kim’s Convenience (TV Series). It is a Canadian Television sitcom based on a successful stage play by the same name, written by Ins Choi and was a welcome relief from the usual American comedy.

The show is about a Korean Canadian Family (Parents, a son, and a daughter) running a corner store in the Moss Park area of Toronto, Canada. The show is enjoyable with clean comedy, little cliche immigrant jokes and kids’ nice visuals. Each episode of 25-30 minutes is about what happens in the store, the ego between “Appa” (Dad) and his estranged son (Jung), the power politics in the local church between “Umma” (Mom) and Mrs Park, the love life of Daughter (Janet) who is doing her graduation in Photography, and the friendship between the son and his friend Kimchee who both work in a local car rental.

Kim’s Convenience is a Canadian television sitcom

Available on Netflix India.

Update June 2021: This month the final season is getting released on Netflix. Recently New York Times carried an article about the show titled Why ‘Kim’s Convenience’ Is ‘Quietly Revolutionary’, check it out.

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