Good harmless humour is universal and timeless

Good, Harmless Humour that is fun, based on everyday life is universal & works across culture, language & media. I noticed this Archie Comics story “The Right Type” having the same theme as Actor Vadivelu comedy clip in the Tamil movie Vathiyar (வாத்தியார்) 2006.

In the comic, a famous artist selects Reggie over Archie saying “I’m Sorry, But you’re not the type“. Veronica too says “Yes, Archie, Take my word for it, you’re not the type!“.

Archie comics - The Right Type - Reggie & Archie
Archie comics – The Right Type – Reggie & Archie

In the film, Singamuthu character says at Vadivelu “நீ அதுக்கு சரிவர மாட்டே!” (You will not suit for that)

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