Sony Home Theatre System

For a few years now, I have been wanting to have a proper home theatre setup in my house. In fact, when I renovated my house 3 years ago, I had even got the interiors, acoustic panelling and wiring done at an expense of Rs.2 Lakhs for one of the rooms of 13 x 11 feet in size. My idea then was to buy a good quality professional speaker system and projector system – I had selected the models: Denon AVR X 2000 AV Receiver, Magnat Speaker set of 350 Watts, Epson EHT 8200 for 1080p resolution with 3D, and, Elite projector screen of 106 inches diagonal. Along with the installation charges, this would come to Rs.7 Lakhs in 2014. Unfortunately, the overall renovation project overshot my budget by a long stretch and I had to drop all non-essential expenses. Next year when I was planning to take this up again, the wife flatly refused to approve.

A few months back I moved a 46 inches TV from my son’s room to this home theatre room but the audio quality was poor. I had to get a basic set of home theatre speakers if I will ever enjoy watching anything here – the budget I kept for this was low, about Rs.25,000 ($400). At first, I had selected Bose Solo 5 Soundbar speakers at Rs.22,050 as for a no-frills experience Bose speakers are the most convenient to set up. Searching online for more options I found Sony HT-RT40 5.1 Channel Sound Bar Home Theatre System for Rs.21,000 in Amazon India. I liked the Sony one, as it had two good-looking Tall Boy speakers, a big woofer system, 5.1 channel real surround sound, NFC and Bluetooth connectivity and finally 600 W total power output.

Unwrapping and setting up was fairly easy, all connecting cable sockets were neatly colour coded and the whole installation took about an hour.

Safely packed shipment of Sony HT-RT40
After unwrapping everything that came for Sony HT-RT40, Scissors are mine!

I had earlier purchased an AmazonBasics Digital Optical Audio cable for Rs.195 which I used to connect the Sony speakers to my Toshiba TV.

AmazonBasics Digital Optical Audio cable

After installation, this is how my poor man’s version of Home Theatre looks like.

Sony HT-RT40 with Toshiba 46PX200 LED TV
Sony HT-RT40 Tall boy Speakers
Remote Control, easy to use and simple

It has been just two days I got the speaker system setup, so far I like the audio experience for the price I paid. My quest to convince the wife for Germany Magnat speakers are still ON – but that will remain only aspirational for now.


  • Joseph Vance

    Nice post. It’s really informative post. I enjoy reading this information. It is very informative me and everyone who wants to buy home theatre system.Thanks for sharing this information with us.

  • The Sound Hut

    Smart Home Theater from Sound Hut is designed to create the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience in your home. We can streamline and simplify all the technology in your home to make your life easier.

  • Vinay

    Congratulations on your setup/purchase. I can identify with your enthusiasm. I myself waited almost 10 years before setting up my home theatre. Just bought Bose SoundTouch 300 bar, subwoofer and rear speakers from my recent visit to US. A little on the higher side, but worth the expense.

    • venkatarangan

      Thanks for the wishes. You too, enjoy your Bose. Bose is always an aspirational brand commanding premium. I checked your company, you guys seem to be doing great work around cloud, all the best. When you visit Chennai, please give me a shout, we can meet for a coffee.

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