Few years back, I renovated my independent house in Chennai. In the kitchen there were two columns, leaving them plain was not looking good. Since they were load-bearing concrete columns, they needed to be kept more or less intact. The engineer suggested he could chip away say 2 inches from the front, creating a small area which could be divided into shelves – I liked the idea and visualised a spice display there. On each column 4 spice shelves were created, each 2 inches depth where I could keep some display items. Initially I filled every shelf with a different spice on each side – Red Chilly, Turmeric and Pepper; after drying them in sun and adding chemical tablets to keep insects away. Unfortunately, within months the spices went bad and I had to empty the shelves.

After many months of thinking what to display, I came up with the idea of getting good looking cutleries. The challenge was finding each item that will fit inside the space available in each shelf.

Below you see what I did in each column. Do you like it?

LEFT Column – Ceramic plates, bottles & cups

RIGHT Column – Tall bottles, Copper Tumblers, Glass bottles & cups

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