Two weeks when I was in New Delhi, my meeting for the day got cancelled and I had few hours to burn; We (me and my friend Bala) were in Connaught Circle and after visiting Palika Bazaar and few other stores, I noticed a “Bose” Store. I have heard from my friends that Bose systems sound great and they equally cost a fortune to own. As an electronics graduate, Bose speakers have also amazed me on how they can engineer such audio brilliance into such small speakers. Recently one of my friend had also mentioned about the Bose Experience in their live theatre (inside every Bose store). So curious we went in and when we came out I should confess I was blown away.

The theatre experience (Free) itself was great – it is about 20 minutes on a self running Audio Visual; this definitely changes your outlook about Sound/Audio listening. The 20 minutes time spent was worth every second. You can listen to such small notes in there true colours. Next time you are near a Bose store, I recommend this. The other best part in a Bose store is their Sales Staff’s service and explanation – each of them say the same about the systems, in the same order and with the same body language. This was true in their stores in other cities as well; I validated this in their Chennai Store, which I visited this week. Definitely very effective Staff Training!

Two systems impressed me the most – One was their high end LifeStyle 48 system that stores, plays Audio (CD/MP3/Radio) & Video (DVD/VCD), controlled with a 65-feet range Radio Remote that works across Walls/Ceilings/ Controls TV/VCR/DVD as well, suggest tracks as per your mood/listening pattern and of course includes the legendry Bose speakers; The other was their WAVE Audio Player with Radio. Though I certainly love to own the LifeStyle system, the price tag of Rs.2.5 Lakhs+ made me postpone the buy. Instead this week when I was back in Chennai, I went to their store in Ispani Centre, Nungambakkam High Road and bought the WAVE Player for Rs.33K. Since I had done all evaluation in their New Delhi store, I was in and out of the Chennai Store in like 10 minutes (Probably in Bose history the quickest sale :-)).

So for the last few days I am enjoying my WAVE Player thoroughly!.

Update 12/Jun/07: After nearly two years of buying this, I finally cracked on how to set the correct time in the device. It was too easy – just hold the Time +/- button(s) for few seconds, that’s it. Courtesy to Bose Owners Guide page where I found this Manual (768.69 KB)for the device.

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