Today Nasscom had organized under their product forum umberalla a talk by Sridharan Mani, CEO of American Megatrends India. The topic was IoT – The Big Thing. American Megatrends, known worldwide for their AMI PC BIOS have expanded into storage and in recent years to Embedded devices and IoT for Healthcare, Telematics and other areas. Few weeks ago I had listened to an interview with their Founder & President S Shankar in TwiT podcast with Leo Laporte.


Sridharan Mani begun his talk with a prayer to Lord Lakshmi Hayagreeva (Hindu God for Knowledge & Wealth) and Goddess Saraswathi (Hindu God for Education and Wisdom), a first time that I have seen a prayer being offered by the speaker in a technical forum. I respect his devotion.

Sridharan walked the audience through the entire stack that is needed to build IoT solutions, primarily the back end data gathering, data analytics, prediction engines and reporting. Technologies including Apache Spark (cluster computing framework in response to MapReduce’s limitation), Apache Storm (allow batch & distributed processing of streaming data), Real-Time Stream Processing, ZigBee (create personal area networks) and Anaconda (Analytics Platform for Python).

IoT is not just about allowing devices to talk to each other, it’s about allowing everything to talk to us, it’s about making everything which can talk to talk. 

Nasscom-IOT (1)Nasscom-IOT (2)

He focused on how they build their first major IoT platform for Healthcare, called AMI BOLT it’s a wireless health monitor that measures Blood Pressure, Oxygen, Pulse, Body Temperature, Sugar, Cholesterol & other vitals.  It was interesting to hear the issues and challenges they faced, especially in terms of getting the talent in place and identifying the frameworks that were needed to get the job done.


You can download the slide deck titled AMI India – NASSCOM IOT.


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