I hope Ridley Turtle hatchlings remember I did this for them. Sacrificed my early morning sleep on a Sunday and burned fat that I had tirelessly put up. They owe me. Do they bless you with Boons?

My son convinced me last year to do two mini-runs for good causes – Eureka Run 2016 and TiE Chennai Marathon. Today he got me to run along with him for Ridley Run ’17 at 6 AM from Palavakkam Beach, as all public assembly are banned near Marina Beach. I walked (my pace was certainly not even jogging) the 5 Km course. It was easy and took less than an hour to finish. They also had 1 Km and 3 Km for younger kids.

Ridley Runs are organised to save the nesting habitat of Olive Ridley Turtles who nest on Chennai beaches at night, between December and April every year. The eggs hatch after 45 days with the young hatchlings running into the sea soon after hatching. Due to Human development near sea shore and fishing practices such as the use of long lines and gill nets the Turtle population has been reduced by 50% over last few decades.

Morning are beautiful, if you manage to be in Palavakkam Beach by 6 AM

We ran near the beach and for a small stretch on the ECR road

The 5 Km run was not at all difficult

You feel good once you complete the run and get the customary certificate

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