I read in today’s Economic Times supplement Madras Plus about Chennai Corporation deciding to beautify the Elliots Beach in Chennai. Elliots Beach in Besant Nagar, Chennai is a sharp contrast to the buzzing Madras Marina Beach (One of Worlds Longest Beach). If developed to World Class Standards it has the potential to attract huge amount of travelers (both within India and Outside).

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Elliots Beach in Chennai

One of the best waterways in the world that I have seen, is Sydney’s Darling Harbour. It has been developed from a marsh dumping area (that’s what I heard) into a premier tourist destination. I dream one-day Chennai too has a version of Darling Harbour. Nature has been kind enough to Chennai to bestow it with everything that is needed to create one – including back-waters, Adyar River and more. Unfortunately Chennai lacks is a willing and determined Political and Bureaucratic leadership to make it happen.

Darling Harbour in Sydney Australia

The only good cosmetic development in Chennai done by Chennai Corporation in the last several years has been the development of almost a dozen Parks in the City. Almost all of them look very tempting to visit, unfortunately locked almost throughout the day – may be that’s why they are still beautiful :-)

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